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Experience Counts

“One of government’s most important roles is to foster an environment for both businesses and individuals to prosper and, in turn, help improve productivity enabling us to compete globally on an equal currency basis.”

My motivation and determination is to create effective legislation for the betterment of Albertans. This is my commitment to you.

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Current Affairs

NDP Failed Strategy

Current Alberta NDP government policies have failed Albertans through increased taxation, instituted the inflationary Carbon Tax and minimum wage increases affecting small businesses, and burdened the agriculture community with unwanted regulations in a depressed economy.

Experience Counts in Creating Good Governance

Time is of the essence to correct the NDP damage. On day one, a UCP government must be skilled to analyze, change and create effective economic and social policies for Albertans.

I can help achieve this goal.

With my science background, my business and management experience in oil industry, private business, environment assessment and ranching, raising children, I bring a broad analytical deductive skill set to create effective legislation for the betterment of your business, individual and family well-being.

What’s the Mischief

Follow the Power Control and the Money A long time ago, my political mentor taught me to screen policies and legislation asking the question “What’s the mischief? Follow the power, control and the money to see if the policy creates good governance or plays petty politics”. I will be updating this blog with similar scrutiny. […]

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What does a ‘lost job’ really mean?

100,000 jobless energy workers struggle for a place in a new economy. Financial Post, Claudia Cattaneo, September 7, 2017 More than 100,000 oil patch employees — roughly one in three — lost their jobs during the oil downturn of the past three years, according to estimates by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and […]

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Canadians are realizing foreign groups…

Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason. Former B.C. justice minister says the reality is more people in the province support Trans Mountain pipeline than oppose it. Is the pipeline debate starting to resolve in favour of pipelines being built and in favour of Canadians receiving full value […]

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